Baja - Isla Espiritu Santo for Families

Baja - Isla Espiritu Santo for Families

This is a 9-day holiday on beautiful Isla Espiritu Santo (Espiritu Santo Island), in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California). Espiritu Santo is a nature reserve and UNESCO World Heritage Site, and offers great sea kayaking, beautiful campsites on white sand beaches, encounters with marine wildlife, and the peace and power of nature. This is one of the premier sea kayaking destinations in North America.

The rugged shoreline, off-shore islands, and series of headlands with deep bays make each day a new adventure. The west coast is studded with some of the most spectacular white, sandy bays you can imagine, while the east coast has enormous towering cliffs, bizarre rock formations, and alluring sea caves. After paddling 3-4 hours each day, we will have plenty of time to enjoy fantastic snorkeling, swim with sea lion pups, hike intriguing volcanic arroyos, bathe in the glorious Baja sun, watch manta rays leap up out of the water, admire schools of dolphins, explore hidden inland lagoons, sip a margarita, and relax in great company. Isla Espiritu Santo really is paddling in paradise - just ask anyone that has been there!

The package includes 2 nights at a hotel in La Paz, 7 days of paddling (with 6 nights of camping on pristine, wilderness beaches), and a farewell dinner at an excellent La Paz restaurant.

There is a 20% discount for kids under 14.

Recommended Skill Level And Dates

Skill Level: 1
Dates Trip Fee
March 19, 2016 to March 27, 2016
$ 1,330 US
What is Included: 

7 days of kayaking, 6 nights of camping, 2 nights in a hotel
• hotel on the first and last night - double occupancy (Most, but not all, hotels include breakfast)
• farewell dinner at a restaurant in La Paz on Day 7
Guides 6:1 ratio
Kayak Expedition Supplies
• single or tandem sea kayaks, paddles, PFDs, etc.
• kitchen equipment, sun shelter, dishes, utensils, etc.
• excellent meals, safe fresh drinking water, snacks
• cocktails, wine with dinner
• first aid and repair kits
• emergency, communication, and safety equipment
• dry bags, water bags, etc. for group equipment and food
• a shared tent, a sleeping pad, and a dry bag may be reserved without charge
• ground transfers to/from hotel and the motorboat dock
• boat shuttles between La Paz and Isla Espiritu Santo, and to and from the sea lion colony
Fully-Catered Service
• meal preparation and clean-up
• extra menu items
• extra group camping gear and amenities
• re-supply of food and water by motorboat
• full-time motorboat (Panga) support
• transport of group gear, camping equipment, and food between campsites
• option to ride in the Panga




Trip Departure

La Paz, Mexico