Devon Island Hike

Devon Island Hike

Devon Island is one of the largest islands in the Canadian Arctic. Centrally-located in the Baffin Bay region of Nunavut, Canada, Devon is said to be the largest ,uninhabited island in the world. Comprised of Precambrian gneiss, the Treuter, Haddington, and Cunningham Mountain Ranges ring the Devon Icecap - which reaches 1,920 metres above sea level. From the Devon Icecap, tidewater glacial leads extend down to the Arctic ocean.

Walruses, seals, and narwhal make their home along the southern coast, while muskoxen and polar bears roam the land. This expedition will explore the remarkable lowland areas of northeast Devon Island. We will discover amazing herds of muskoxen and other Arctic wildlife. Along the route, we'll also find archaeological sites containing evidence of the Dorset and Thule people. We'll discover the remains of polar explorer Cook’s 1908-1909 winter camp at Cape Hardy and the abandoned research station at Truelove.

Our charter Twin Otter aircraft will land on the tundra in the Sparbo-Hardy Lowlands. We'll trek east towards Cook Creek and the Sverdrup Glacier, before turning toward the coast and hiking northwest to Cape Hardy and Cape Sparbo. Then we'll follow the coast westward to the Truelove Lowlands.

The Devon Island expedition is suitable for those with previous experience in trekking with a loaded, expedition packs. Participants should have a relatively-good level of fitness, and be adventurous and looking for one of the most-unique travel experiences on earth.

"I was thrilled to see muskoxen so close. The archaeological sites were fascinating. I really felt like I was reliving history."  Steve, Ontario, Canada

Recommended Skill Level And Dates

Skill Level: 2
Dates Trip Fee
July 16, 2016 to July 29, 2016
$ 8,995 CAD
What is Included: 

Guides 5:1 ratio
• 12 nights of camping
• excellent trail meals and snacks from Day 2 lunch to Day 13 lunch
Camping Equipment
• tents: free-standing, custom expedition dome tents - 2 per tent
• "kitchen": tarp, cooking stoves, utensils, dishes, etc.
• containers for food and group equipment
Safety Equipment
• first aid, safety, river crossing, and repair kits
• communications equipment (satellite phone)
• charter aircraft flight from Resolute Bay to Devon Island and return - Days 2 and 13
• transportation of guides, group gear, food, etc. to Resolute Bay


Trip Departure

Resolute, NU