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CIRCUMNAVIGATION OF ISLA ESPIRITU SANTO -- Baja’s Isla Espiritu Santo is a kayak wonderland in the Sea of Cortez near La Paz in Mexico. The island is a fabulous wilderness of deserted beaches, protected coves and rugged cliffs. Kayak along this spectacular and varied coastline, camp on pristine beaches, snorkel in the blue waters, swim with sea lion pups and bask in the warm Mexican sunshine. We will paddle around the entire group of islands exploring both sides of this kayaking paradise.

The trip includes 7 days paddling, 6 nights camping with 2 night's hotel in La Paz and a farewell dinner at an excellent La Paz restaurant.

We offer 2 types of trips:

Self-Contained Trips: We carry all our food and gear in our kayaks and everyone contributes to setting up camp and cooking wonderful meals with help from the exceptional local guides.

Fully-Catered Trips: These trips have full time motorboat (called a Panga) support. The Panga carries all our food and gear to the next campsite while we paddle light kayaks. Coolers aboard the Panga allow for special food and drink throughout the trip. The Panga crew and guides take care of all the cooking and clean up. We stay at a slightly more upscale hotel on the first and last night.

Families with pre-teens may register for the Fully-Catered trips. We will provide a tandem kayak so younger kids can paddle with an adult. Families with teens are welcome on both types of trip. There is a 20% discount for children under 14.

Those preferring an all adult trip may want to avoid the Christmas and March school breaks which are popular with families or check with our office for a suitable trip.

Self-Contained Isla Espirtu Santo Circumnavigated Trips

Trip Rendezvous:
La Paz, Mexico
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Skill Level 1+ 2014 - 8 days Trip Fee
Sorry, these trips full! Mar 29 - Apr 6 and Apr 12-20 $900 US
  Apr 26 - May 4, May 10-18 $850 US
  Oct 18-22 $850 US
  Nov 1-9 and 16-24 $870 US
  Nov 23-Dec 1, Nov 30-Dec 8 $870 US
  Dec 13-21 $850 US
  Dec 20-28 and 27-Jan 4 $890 US
  2015 - 8 days Trip Fee
  Jan 3-11 and 17-25 $890 US
  Feb 8-16 and 22 - March 2 $890 US
  March - May 2015 TBA  
Fully-Catered Isla Espirtu Santo Circumnavigated Trips
Skill Level 1 2014 - 8 days Trip Fee
  Apr 4-12 $1150 US  
   Family Friendly trip Apr 19-27 $1150 US  
  May 3-11 ans 17-25 $1090 US  
  Oct 11-19 and 25 - Nov 2 $1160 US  
  Nov 8-16 and 22-30 $1160 US  
  Dec 6-14 $1110 US  
  Dec 20-28 and 27 - Jan 4 $1240 US  
  May 3-11 and 17-25 $1090 US  
  2015 - 8 days Trip Fee  
  Jan 10-18 and 24 - Feb 1 $1150 US  
  Feb 7-15 and 14-22 $1150 US  
  March - May 2015 - TBA    
Single Supplement Fee  
Fully-Catered trips - $110 US    Self-Contaned trips - $80 US  
Children's Discount  
Children under 14 - 20% Discount