Hood River

Hood River

The Hood River is a classic Barren Lands river, flowing through a mixture of arctic tundra, granite hills, and sandy eskers that stretch on for miles. Far above the treeline, the river flows for 300 km from its headwaters at Tahikafaaluk Lake to Arctic Sound on the Arctic Ocean. The canoeing season is short - the headwater lakes can be ice-choked to early July, and winter approaches in mid August.

The first 100 km of the Hood River is characterized by many small lakes connected by rocky rapids and swifts. Continuing downstream, the river has many rapids, canyons, and waterfalls. This region has abundant wildlife such as muskoxen, caribou, grizzly bears, wolves, Peregrine Falcons, and golden eagles.

The trip is accessed by float plane via Plummer’s Lodge on Great Bear Lake. We will then descend the river in our custom, 17‘ covered canoes, negotiating fun and challenging whitewater along the way. We will also move camp each day, and there will be a few days planned for optional hiking, fishing, or simply taking in the amazing landscape. 

The Barrens scenery, abundant Arctic wildlife, and challenging whitewater make this trip a "must" for the experienced whitewater canoeist.

"The trip was as good as I'd hoped. Challenging whitewater, and I was thrilled to see muskoxen and caribou." Jean, Wisconsin, USA

Recommended Skill Level And Dates

Skill Level: 4
Dates Trip Fee
June 29, 2019 to July 13, 2019
$8,495.00 CAD
July 03, 2020 to July 18, 2020
$8,495.00 CAD** Early Booking Rate
What is Included: 

Guides 5:1 ratio
• excellent meals from Day 1 lunch to Day 15 breakfast
• snacks
Canoeing Equipment
• custom 17’ ABS expedition canoes with spray decks and knee pads
• paddles, PFDs, throw bags, paddling helmets
Camping Equipment
• tents: free-standing, custom expedition dome tents - 2 per tent
• "kitchen": tarp, fire box, cooking stoves, utensils, dishes, etc,
• containers for food and group equipment
Safety Equipment
• first aid, safety, river rescue, and repair kits 
• communications equipment (satellite phone)
• transportation of guides, group gear, food, canoes etc. to Yellowknife
• charter flights to/from Yellowknife and Plummer’s Lodge
• charter flights to/from Plummer’s and the Hood River
• night 14 (and, tentatively, night 1) at Plummer’s Lodge

Trip Location

Trip Rendezvous Point: Yellowknife, NWT