Nahanni Outfitting and Rentals

Nahanni Outfitting and Rentals

Black Feather specialises in guided, fully-outfitted canoe trips. We are set up to deliver a high degree of service and expertise to participants on our guided trips. Our menus, specialised equipment, staffing and logistics are designed with this focus in mind.

We are able to provide a certain degree of support for groups planning a self-guided trip on the Nahanni but only with minimal personal service. Looking for a different expedition style? Check our our other Nahanni Trips on offer!

The following are available to self-guided trips:

  • Rental of canoes, canoe accessories, and some camping equipment.
  • Shuttle service from Blackstone Landing to Fort Simpson.

Self-guided groups are responsible for arranging their own:

  • Departure date with Nahanni National Park.
  • Charter flights to the river: South Nahanni Air, Wolverine Air, Simpson Air.

We recommend that self-guided groups consider the following for safety reasons:

  • A minimum of 3 canoes;
  • Whitewater canoeing / tripping skill level equivalent to Paddle Canada Tandem Whitewater and Canoe Tripping 2 for participants;
  • Swiftwater Rescue Technician Certification for at least one member of the group;
  • Advanced Wilderness First Aid Certification for at least one member of the group;
  • Satellite phone on the trip.

Rentals - Canoe and Camping Equipment

Black Feather has a limited amount of the following available for rent on a first come / first serve basis. All equipment must be picked up from, and returned to, the South Nahanni Airways base in Ft. Simpson. Please see table below for rates

Item Description Cost
Canoes 17’ ABS/Royalex Trailhead or Nova Craft Prospector (incl. nylon spray deck, knee pads & carrying yoke) $295 per Canoe
Paddles Aquabound composite paddles
(specify 54”, 56”, 58”, 60” or 62”)
$15 per Paddle
Paddles Mohawk paddles - Aluminium / abs plastic
(specify 54”, 57”, 60” or 63”)
$5 per Paddle
PFD’s Canoe personal flotation devices
(specify XS, S, M, L, XL)
$15 per PFD
Throwbags With minimum 20 meters of floating rope (minimum of 1 per canoe required by law) $5 per Rope


Paddling Suit

3 mil neoprene farmer john / farmer jane style (specify men's or woman's, sizes S - XXL)

Waterproof Paddling suit by Kokatat

$25 per Suit

$100 per week

Barrel Packs 60 litre waterproof, animal resistant pack with harness $20 per Barrel
Firebox Collapsable metal environmental firebox (Note: required by the National Park for all open fires) $10 per Box
Tents Sierra Designs - Stretch Dome EXP - 2 person $50 per week
Tarp Chlorophylle - 15' x 15' Expedition tarp $40 per week
Kitchen Wannigan Portable bxs with pots, dishes, cutlery, dutch oven etc $100 per week
Bear Spray Hand held c aninisters $10 per cannister
Bear Bangers Kit with launcher and package of 6 bangers $10 per kit

Delicious menu - dry food water proofed, packed and labled.

Fresh food ordered from local Northern Store.

$50 per person per day

* Minimum rental of 2 weeks on all items. 25% deposit required with reservation. Balance due 60 days prior to your trip. To make a reservation for rental equipment, please contact Black Feather.

Nahanni Shuttle

The Nahanni Shuttle offers a pick up of paddlers and canoes from Blackstone Landing or Lindberg’s Landing and transfer to Ft. Simpson. The Nahanni Shuttle uses a 15 passenger van outfitted with dualie rear wheels and an enhanced suspension for stability and safety, and a heavy duty canoe trailer. Maximum capacity for this van is 12 passengers, gear and canoes. Driving time from Blackstone / Lindbergs is approx. 2.5 hours depending on road conditions and the ferry schedule at the Liard River.

Lindberg / Blackstone Landing Fort Simpson - $175.00 per person / $875.00 minimum charge per trip
- Add $125 per trip if overnight required at Blackstone Landing
Ft. Simpson
Fort Simpson - $20.00 per person / minimum $120.00 per trip