*NEW* Bloodvein River

*NEW* Bloodvein River

The Bloodvein River is a wild and rugged river which sparkles and roams for over 300 kilometres from its headwaters in northwestern Ontario to its mouth on Lake Winnipeg in central Manitoba. Owing to its location off the old trade and settlement routes to the west, the Bloodvein has remained unspoiled, its plant and animal communities virtually intact since the last glaciers scoured the area more than 11,000 years ago. The Bloodvein gives you the opportunity to explore the Canadian Shield - resplendent with a wide range of plants and animals.

In 1984 and 1986, Manitoba and Ontario, respectively, nominated their portions of the Bloodvein as a Canadian Heritage River. Working together, the two governments ensure that the heritage of the entire watershed is protected.

If you want to join us on this trip, a warm up paddling session at one of our springtime clinics is highly recommended. For those who wish for something in the area that is a little tamer, they should check out our new Churchill River trip!


Recommended Skill Level And Dates

Skill Level: 3
Dates Trip Fee
July 19, 2020 to August 01, 2020 Trip Full
July 18, 2021 to July 31, 2021 4,795.00 CAD *until Oct 31st, 2020
What is Included: 
  • Guides - 5:1 ratio
  • Trail Meals  
    •  Excellent meals from Day 2 lunch to Day 14 lunch
    •  Snacks
  • Canoeing Equipment:
    •  17’ Prospector expedition canoes
    •  Paddles, PFD, helmets (you may bring your own)
    •  Throw lines and other safety accessories
  •  Camping Equipment:
    •  Tents - free standing custom expedition dome tents - 2 per tent
    •  ‘Kitchen’ - tarp, fire box, cooking stoves, utensils, dishes, etc
  • Safety Equipment:
    •  First aid and repair kits, communications equipment (satellite phone)
    •  Canoe rescue & repair gear
  • Local Transportation:
    •  Charter flight to Artery Lake on Day 2
    •  Van shuttle from Bloodvein to Winnipeg on Day 14
    •  Transportation of guides, group gear, canoe etc to and from trip

Trip Location

Trip Rendezvous Point: Red Lake, ON