Noire River Trips

Noire River Trips

The Noire is a beautiful, Quebec whitewater river - flowing from its headwaters below La Vérendrye Wildlife Reserve , south to the Ottawa River near Pembroke. Less well-known and travelled than other rivers in the area, the Noire has the longest distance of runnable whitewater, the shortest distance that must be portaged, the best chance of seeing wildlife, and the smallest possibility of encountering other paddlers.

This wild river begins as heavy snows and spring rains in the small lakes and creeks high in the Laurentian Highlands - the worn remains of the worldʼs oldest mountains. At first it wanders through small ponds and beaver swamps, and then meanders slowly through almost 100 km of lazy current and shallow swifts. From here the river wanders another 100 km by sandy banks, races through 25 different rapids, and flows over several falls and ledges. A number of portages skirt the harder rapids, the unnavigable ledges, and outright waterfalls. Wildlife abounds, with moose, black bears, foxes, and minks on the shore, while the river supports abundant otters, turtles, and beavers.

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Trip Rendezvous Point: Waltham, QC