June 19, 2022

Throughout my life, I’ve been drawn to any activity that involves being outdoors or moving my body. My parents introduced my sister and me to camping and sent us to an overnight tripping camp, YMCA Camp Pine Crest. As a keen camper and 7-year staff-member, I found purpose, joy and meaningful relationships leading multi-week canoe trips for youth. I began working for Black Feather in the summer of 2021 and feel incredibly grateful to continue experiencing these gifts with new groups of people. I can’t wait to be together on the river!
A bit more about me overall: I love swimming in cool, fresh bodies of water, listening to other people talk or write about what makes them feel alive, and being connected to people and food through hunting, fishing and cooking. I pursued Kinesiology for a year, before switching to study an undergrad in Cognitive Science and Psychology at the University of Toronto. My most recent adventure as a high school teacher in Igloolik, Nunavut is showing me that my next academic direction will likely involve a mix of teaching and therapy. 

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