June 19, 2022

Hi, my name is Marc Godbout. I’ve always had a deep connection with rivers, using them as highways to numerous adventures – if not the adventure itself. I’ve been fortunate enough to paddle and guide in a wide variety of locations, a few of my favourites being the boarder of Central and Eastern Uganda, North Queensland, Australia, Patagonia and the North Shore of Quebec. I’ve been teaching canoeing and kayaking for 9 years and absolutely love sharing my experience and passing on my passion. While I may not be working in my field, my undergrad in biology pairs quite nicely with my love of the great outdoors.                 

When I’m not guiding, I spend most of my time being relatively transient bouncing from place to place with my van. I can usually be found enjoying one of my numerous other passions: ice/alpine climbing, ski touring, long distance running, paragliding, fly fishing, curled up with a good book or cooking a delicious meal over a fire.

I truly look forward to meeting you on the river and being a part of your next adventure in the beauty of our vast Canadian wilderness.

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