June 19, 2022

Hi, I’m Sophie! I’ve had the pleasure of guiding for Back Feather since 2020. I grew up in Toronto, but living in the city hasn’t stopped me from getting a chance to nurture my love for the outdoors. For as long as I can remember I’ve spent my summers in a tent and on the water, which has led me down some pretty fun rivers. I’ve guided all over northern Ontario and Quebec, and am excited to continue exploring our beautiful country. Since working for Black Feather, I have developed a love for sea kayaking, too! The feeling of pure bliss when I’m breathing in the fresh scent of pine and listening to laughter around a campfire is like no other. On trips, I can usually be found with a camera in hand admiring the sights or stoking the fire and chopping veggies. When I’m not living in a tent, I spend my time studying health sciences and fine arts, fitting in time to paint, swim and read. My favourite part of guiding is sharing such incredible experiences with new people and watching our group bound through our shared experiences. I love getting a chance to connect with fellow lovers of the outdoors!

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