Gift Certificates

For many of our participants, going on a wilderness holiday is a time to celebrate- whether it's a birthday, an anniversary, a milestone, or just a celebration of being outside in nature. We have the ability to create customized gift certificates for your friend, colleague or family member whose goal is to join us - and maybe you, too! - on an adventure.


The process is easy and paperless, simply contact our office via email and let us know:

- The recipient's name(s)

- Their "dream trip" - if that isn't yet known, their dream trip type works too (eg. canoeing in the North, hiking in the Arctic, a trip in Greenland, etc)

- Any custom text you want to appear on the Gift Certificate


With that information we will create a custom e-card and send a draft to you for approval, or feel free to play around with the example gift card shown above! Once you're happy with the design, you may submit payment for the gift card amount to us via credit card or cheque and we will add this amount to the person's Black Feather file, to be redeemed whenever they are ready!