Alexandra Fiord is found high above the Arctic Circle at nearly 80 degrees north latitude, and only 30 kilometers from the west coast of Greenland. Tidewater glaciers calve icebergs into a magnificent fiord system, ringed by the highest mountains in eastern North America. Extreme isolation and harsh weather conditions are present for much of the year, but each summer, for a brief period beneath the midnight sun, the temperature moderates. The snow melts from the rugged mountain peaks, and the sea ice breaks up. This provides a brief opportunity to explore this amazing place by kayak. The islands and fiords are rich with wildlife. Some of the best-preserved artifacts and ruins from Thule, Dorset, and Viking cultures dot the shorelines. The fiord is also home to muskoxen, walruses, narwhal, Arctic foxes, and polar bears.

This is an excellent trip for the experienced paddler wishing to have an amazing Arctic adventure. Please note that due to increasing travel and charter uncertainty in and out of Resolute, all trip participants are required to purchase trip cancellation/interruption insurance.

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Dates Trip Fee Availability
Mon. July 29 - Thurs. Aug 15, 2024 $24,950 CAD Book Now
Mon. July 21 - Thurs. Aug 7, 2025 $28,895 CAD until Oct 31* Book Now

Whats Included



  • 5:1 ratio


  • 14 nights of camping
  • 3 nights hotel accommodation in Resolute

Trail Meals

  • meals and snacks from Day 3 lunch to Day 17 lunch
  • hotel meals in Resolute on Days 1, 2, 3 and 17

Kayaking Equipment

  • sea kayaks with rudders, paddles, spray decks, etc.
  • PFDs (you may bring your own), paddling suits

Expedition Equipment

  • tents: free-standing expedition dome tents – 2 per tent
  • ‘kitchen’ – tarp, fire box, cooking stoves, utensils, dishes, etc
  • dry bags and containers for food and group equipment

Safety Equipment

  • first aid, safety, kayak rescue gear, and repair kits
  • emergency communications equipment (satellite phone)


  • charter aircraft flight from Resolute to Ellesmere Island (and return)
  • transportation of guides, group gear, food, etc. to Resolute