Booking, Payment & Cancellation

Booking Terms & Conditions

Beginning February 1st, 2021, all participants muust review our Safety & Risk Awareness page and complete our waiver prior to submitting payment for a trip.

The Deposit Policy for Black Feather trips differs depending on where your trip takes place and during which operating season. Due to the ongoing uncertainties relating to travel to many of our Destinations, we are frequently reassessing our policies to ensure you can book a trip with us and be confident in your decision to do so. You can view the latest T&C's for our scheduled trips here:

T&C's - 2021 Trips Within Canada                        T&C's - 2021 Trips Outside of Canada                            T&C's - 2021 Custom Trips

Custom trips & equipment rental contracts have different terms and conditions which are often negotiated on a case-by-case basis. They are presented to groups prior to payment being made.


Payment, Taxes, Additional Costs

Once you have reviewed our terms & conditions and you have completed our waiver, we accept the following forms of payment towards a trip:

Trip fees listed on this website are per person and subject to local tax. Trips taking place outside of Canada and the US have taxes included within the trip fee. Some of our expeditions take place in an area which further requires a Park Fee and/or Levee. This amount includes tax and will be added to your remaining balance, due 90 days before your trip’s start date.

Prior to registration, we will outline the payment schedule and breakdown for your particular trip so that all is clear. There is a detailed list of exclusions and inclusions of our trip fees included within our trip information packages – usually on page 2. We will also send you a reminder via email prior to your remaining balance being due.


Cancellation Policy

If you register for a trip and subsequently cancel, our policies will differ depending on where and when your trip takes place, as well as when you request to cancel relative to the trip's start dates. Please click on the appropriate link above or contact us for more information.