Baja Quick Escape

Baja Quick Escape

The “Quick Escape” is a 4-day holiday on beautiful Isla Espiritu Santo (Espiritu Santo Island), in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California). Espiritu Santo is a nature reserve and UNESCO World Heritage Site, and offers great sea kayaking, beautiful campsites on white sand beaches, encounters with marine wildlife, and the peace and power of nature. This is one of the premier sea kayaking destinations in North America.

The rugged shoreline, off-shore islands, and series of headlands with deep bays make each day a new adventure. The west coast is studded with some of the most spectacular white, sandy bays you can imagine, while the east coast has enormous towering cliffs, bizarre rock formations, and alluring sea caves. After paddling 3-4 hours each day, we will have plenty of time to enjoy fantastic snorkeling, swim with sea lion pups, hike intriguing volcanic arroyos, bathe in the glorious Baja sun, watch manta rays leap up out of the water, explore hidden inland lagoons, sip a margarita, and relax in great company. Isla Espiritu Santo really is paddling in paradise - just ask anyone that has been there!

The “Quick Escape” is an ideal choice for those with limited time, or as component of a longer visit to southern Baja. If you are coming a long way to get to Baja, you might also consider the all-inclusive, 8-day “Circumnavigation of Isla Espiritu Santo” trip that includes hotel accommodations on the first and last night. Both trips are perfect for paddlers at any skill level.

We offer 2 types of trips:

Self-Contained Trips: We carry all of our food and gear in our kayaks, and everyone contributes to setting up camp and cooking wonderful meals with help from the exceptional local guides.

Fully-Catered Trips: These trips have full-time motorboat (“Panga”) support. The Panga carries all of our food and gear to the next campsite while we paddle light kayaks. Coolers aboard the Panga allow for special food and drinks throughout the trip. The Panga crew and guides take care of all the cooking and clean up. We also stay at a slightly more upscale hotel on the first and last night.

"This was the best trip I've had in a long, long time, made even more special by the absolutely fantastic guides! Roughing it out along uninhabited, beautiful beaches with days of kayaking, snorkelling, trekking and more. All made better by happy hours!" Teju, India.

2020/2021 Baja Trip Notice: due to the ongoing travel restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, we continue to take inquiries for these trips but we are not accepting bookings for trips departing before Spring 2021.

Recommended Skill Level And Dates

Skill Level: 1
Dates Trip Fee
November 12, 2020 to November 15, 2020 $595.00 US
November 29, 2020 to December 02, 2020 $595.00 US
December 02, 2020 to December 05, 2020 $595.00 US
December 27, 2020 to December 30, 2020 $625.00 US
Skill Level: 1
Dates Trip Fee
November 15, 2020 to November 18, 2020 $730.00 US
November 18, 2020 to November 21, 2020 $730.00 US
November 22, 2020 to November 25, 2020 $730.00 US
November 25, 2020 to November 28, 2020 $730.00 US
December 06, 2020 to December 09, 2020 $730.00 US
December 09, 2020 to December 12, 2020 $730.00 US
December 20, 2020 to December 23, 2020 $750.00 US
December 23, 2020 to December 26, 2020 $750.00 US
December 28, 2020 to December 31, 2020 $750.00 US



Trip Location

Trip Rendezvous Point: La Paz, Mexico